How to find a good quality T-shirt online from a trusted website?

How to find a good quality T-shirt online from a trusted website?

Online Shopping

Come on! Everyone in this modern era knows how to shop online! What’s so new here?

Well, of course! With this world being fast-tracked and people having less time to go out for shopping, everyone has figured out where to look in to enrich his or her wardrobe. Needless to mention, this is one of the reasons why big brands are closing most of their physical shops and focusing more on their websites.

Online clothing market is so hugely saturated now-a-days; it is easy to get confused over several options of similar looking products, like- T-shirts. It’s not possible to touch or try on the products right away, but there are some tactics that can be followed to locate good quality T-shirts at a very competitive price, even from high-end luxury brands. Want to know how? Keep reading till the end.

Searching T-shirt

T-Shirt is a form of casual clothing worn by people of all ages, mostly in summer. There are thousands of designs available from different branded physical and online shops.

Even the opportunity of designing T-shirts by your own is now within your reach and the online ‘Print-on Demand’ platforms are helping people from any background to think creatively. Also, it’s a good opportunity for T-shirt designers to sell their designs as freelancers for print-on-demand websites and make a unique sort of branding of their own potential.

Like I said, it’s easy to get confused with thousands of such options in hand. You can buy quality products from known brands that have well-established, good Websites. But alongside the good one, the number of scamming websites is also getting high in the online market.

The scam Websites can convince you very easily with their top-notch Product photography and after looking at the pictures you won’t be able to resist yourself from spending your hard-earned money on these websites! Basically, after looking at their pictures, you will feel that, you have been working so hard and earning money- just to spend on that stunning-looking, posh outfit!

Unfortunately, after purchasing the exact same, beautiful product from these scamming websites, you will end up receiving a pale-looking, tighter or smaller version of that outfit which will bring tears in your eyes in no time!

So, let’s get to the point, shall we? What’s the first point while choosing a website from where to buy your clothes online? Where to look at to get a ‘real’ good quality T-shirt online? It is Obvious! Be convinced that the website is TRUSTWORTHY! If you make a wrong move by not checking if the website is trustworthy or secured, you will get bad quality products only.

Keep scrolling down for tips which might come in handy while shopping for your next quality-outfit:

Google Serach

1. Check the website’s details:

How can you trust the website? It’s the most striking question while shopping online. Alongside the renowned ones, new companies are offering very good products with reasonable prices. At first the following information are needed to be found out:

  • Can you find the company on Google search?

  • Does the company have any registered legal form?

  • Does the company have a proper address and contact number?

  • Are legal policy and privacy policy properly written?

  • Do they have a clear return/refund policy?

  • What are the payment methods available?

  • What are the shipping methods they are offering?

If all the information is clarified by the company, the website can be trusted.

2. Product presentation:

How T-shirts are presented on a website is another important factor to take into decision. For example: There are some great ways to represent the products.

Product presentation style

One method is: using live models. It can show the proper appearance of the products. Even it reflects the creases that would possibly appear after wearing the T-shirt. Therefore, if any company shows their products with live models, it can be considered as a good company to trust.

Product presentation

Another way is by presenting through a Mannequin. This one is also a great way to see appearances.

Zoom in and out to see the pictures to understand the drape. Most of the websites have zoom in option available for each picture, but there are some other websites in which the pictures are already zoomed in. These are really great features for checking the product thoroughly.

Some companies use mock-ups to represent their products. There might be less possibility to understand the real draping quality of the mocked-up products because only the designs are changed on the same mock-ups. So, you won’t get to see the real Product, in this case.

But the most horrible scene is where the T-shirt presentation is taken for granted on any website. For example: if a website is just showing the product by placing it on the floor or on the table etc.; do not just waste your money on those websites. Because after purchasing, it might seem to be totally different than it appeared on your laptop screen or mobile.

3. Product details:

The real good quality t-shirt companies will always let you know the product details as much as possible. Such as: fabric material, colour, neck type, sleeve type, fitting details, size guide, what size the current model is wearing in the pictures presented and many more.

These would be a great indication that the brand is selling quality products and that’s why they want to let their customers know about the products, as much as possible.

Checking out

4. Check the cart and checkout section:

By adding the product to the cart, anyone can see the real price breakdown. Whether the company is taking VAT correctly or not, can be identified in this step. Also, the shipping price should also be mentioned clearly at this stage of purchase, so that, the customers know exactly how much they have to pay extra for the shipping.

Payment options

5. Payment options:

Start entering the payment details in your preferred method. Be careful and extra cautious while clicking the ‘Buy’ button. If you face no problem making the payment and get an instant email mentioning about the invoice and estimated delivery date, the website is fully trustworthy.

Happy shopping

In summary, if the information about the company given on the website is accurate, if the pictures are clear enough to judge the quality and if the product details are mentioned correctly, anyone can go for it.

So! Save your time and buy Online!

Happy Shopping!

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