The Rockstars behind the scene


Gladimar Val (Venezuela)
Graphic designer

My name is Gladimar Val, I consider myself a passionate person with everything I do. "Cosmic Hippos" is one of those projects in which I am happy to be part of, since every design and art printed on its garments has its own history and meaning.



Mariela Praigrod (Argentina)
Fashion Designer and Illustrator

Hi! I’m Mariela Praigrod, a Fashion professional from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I feel passionate about garments that tell a story so when I was presented with the opportunity to design collection for "Cosmic Hippos" I felt lucky at most! Developing this collection along with "Cosmic Hippos" team has been a joyous path of creativity and what fashion is all about: different cultures, different stories put together and colluding in a piece of clothing someone else will wear and tell their own story with it, creating new memories. Let’s create some memories together!


Angela Markoska (Macedonia)
Professional Photographer

Hey. I'm Angela Markoska, a professional photographer from Prilep, Macedonia. I have a huge passion for photography and great affinity towards details and what I love the most is the freedom to bring out my creative side. Working on the shoots for "Cosmic Hippos" was a real pleasure, since everyone loves the designs and was happy to help showcase the beauty of this aspiring brand. I am glad that I have a chance of being a part of this new, wonderful story their clothes tell.


Stefan Spiroski (Macedonia)
Professional Photographer

Hi. I am Stefan Spiroski, a professional photographer from Prilep, Macedonia. I have an eye for aesthetics and creative mind so I found my passion for photography which lets me be who I am. "Cosmic Hippos" designs tell a whole new story by itself and I was happy I could be a part of it. Simple, creative and eye-catching, I loved that I was able to showcase their designs and help tell that story to the world.


Abu Lais Chowdhury (Bangladesh)
Merchant Graphic Artist

My name is Abu. I am a Merchant Graphic Artist. I like to design what makes a cool sense to people. Creating nice & cool kinds of stuff make me feel awesome. I enjoy working with "Cosmic Hippos" team. They are very cool & fantastic.


Fernando Liendo (Venezuela)
Graphic Designer and Illustrator 

My name is Fernando Liendo. I am a designer and illustrator. I always have an artistic side, passion for creativity. Working for "Cosmic Hippos" has been an amazing opportunity to create pieces that vision the spirit of this amazing brand.