About Us

'Cosmic Hippos' is an online retail clothing brand aiming to bring a cultural diversity in Fashion Retail. The brand targets on providing casual clothing for people of all ages, and genders at a very competitive price. 

'Cosmic Hippos' is the brain-child of an aspiring couple, who dreamed to bring the distinctive cultural aspects of different countries into modern clothing. This is why, the designs and collections of this brand are extensively inspired by traditional artworks, folklore stories, diverse heritage, ethnic rituals, and festivities of nations from around the world. Along with the representation of diverse cultures, Anika and Syed- the two founder 'hippos' of this brand, want to promote sustainable and environmental-friendly products in the near future. Currently, they are trying to avoid unnecessary use of plastic and looking for a proper replacement to plastic, such as- bio-degradable packaging for the products.

There is a chain of processes involved in producing the products that are delivered to our lovely consumers. These processes are carried out by hundreds of devoted industrial workers, who give their heart and soul to bring out a complete wearable product. Without these hard-working souls, this brand means nothing. So, the main goal of team 'Cosmic Hippos' is to grow stronger and bigger along with all the persons involved throughout the process of bringing a product alive. 

Each of the products that our consumers wear, tells the story of hardship of our passionate workers. So, if you have bought products from 'Cosmic Hippos', don't forget to dedicate a few minutes of your time to say 'Thank You!' from your heart to these hard-working heroes, who made the product in your hand!

Happy Shopping!

Anika and Syed