'Cosmic Supply' Business Solution

  • You would like to have your logo, slogan, brand name printed on clothing?
  • You are looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly JUTE products like bags, baskets, floor coverings, carpets etc.?
  • You want to be in a similar look with your friends at a big party or a road trip and do not know where to buy them at a low price and still fair made?
  • You have an upcoming conference and do not know whom to contact for the desired polo shirt with your company name?
  • You are the proud owner of a large restaurant, but do not have the time to design suitable clothing for your employees?
  • Does your hotel require a daily supply of sheets, towels, pillowcases, curtains and other essential amenities?

    *Cosmic Supply’ The Business Solution in the crisis of COVID-19: With us you have the opportunity to obtain the Masks, Gloves and Protective clothing to a sufficient extent.

    We have the solution!

    Our 'Cosmic Supply' will bring your desired product to your doorstep. Through 'Cosmic Supply' you can get a compact solution to manufacturing from Asia. From sourcing to delivery of the prepared products - we are here to assist you.

    Contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you with the package customized to your needs.